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Strangest Things Found in Self Storage Units

The likes of Storage Wars, Storage Hoarders, Storage Hunters, Baggage Battles, Auction Hunters and Container Wars have become increasingly popular in the US and now in the UK as well. But what is really so fascinating about these programs? Well, the fact is that although the majority of storage units contain old, unwanted items, some truly remarkable things have allegedly been found in storage units from the sublime to the downright disgusting. Langtoft-based storage facility, SureStore Self Storage, has compiled a list of some of these weird and wonderful items:

Lotus Submarine
James Bond’s amphibian Lotus from the Spy Who Loved Me was found in a storage unit. The owner didn’t even realise what it was until he mentioned it to a friend who correctly identified it as the famous movie prop.

Nicholas Cage’s Rare Comic Book
When Nicholas Cage reported the theft of a rare comic book featuring the first appearance of Superman, no one expected it to turn up in a storage unit. The comic, which was originally purchased for $150,000, was returned to Mr Cage and subsequently auctioned for over $2million.

A Tin Foil Wrapped Human Leg
One buyer got more than he bargained for when he purchased a storage unit at auction and found a tin foil wrapped human leg inside a BBQ. He alerted the authorities who traced the unit’s original owner and discovered that the leg was actually his - it had been amputated following a plane crash. He had stored it in the BBQ so that he could be buried with it but then forgotten it was in there when the unit went up for sale.

A Grandmother’s Body
After repeated warnings about missed payments, a storage owner informed their tenant that the contents of their unit would be auctioned off. According to the tenant replied “They can't sell my stuff at auction my grandmother is in there.” It turned out that the embalmed body of her Grandmother had been stored in the unit for almost 17 years!

250 Original Songs by Michael Jackson
Yes that’s right. One lucky person found 250 never released songs recorded by Michael Jackson worth millions of dollars.

Aretha Franklin’s Wardrobe
Following a fire at the Queen of Soul’s house in West Bloomfield, she placed clothes, handbags, shoes and hats into a storage unit which was consequently bought by a group of collectors.

NASA Equipment
A rocket and countdown clock from NASA ended up in a storage unit. It’s unclear whether the equipment was ever used in any missions but still made for an interesting item at auction.

One storage unit buyer on truTV’s Storage Hunters discovered a working flamethrower in her unit. According to she, rather cruelly, proceeded to test out the flamethrower by incinerating a teddy bear - poor thing.

Some clever stick decided to try and store beehives in their unit and when it was opened up ready for auction, the bees proceeded to attack the would-be buyers.

Pirate Booty
And finally, the thing that every treasure hunter hopes to find - actual treasure! A&E’s Storage Wars featured a man who discovered over $500,000 worth of gold doubloons, Spanish silver dollars and gold and silver bars.