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Spring Clean your House

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to think about tidying your house and move on from the winter blues!

Spring cleaning is a great way to deep clean your home and take care of the areas that have been neglected during the winter months. To help you during the process, we've gathered some helpful spring cleaning tips on the main components in your house to help you tackle each room more thoroughly and give you a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer.


Before you begin any sort of cleaning, you may want to declutter your home to get rid of any unwanted items and free up some space. Start by selecting a room based on need or urgency. To help you decide which items you want to keep, it is best to start with excess items such as books, clothes and furniture etc, and then move on to the more sentimental items such as photos. If you are finding it challenging to let go of certain things, question yourself how often you use that item and bear in mind that the whole purpose of de-cluttering is to have a more organised and pleasant environment.

After sorting through your items, you may find that you have several boxes of personal belongings. So rather than cramming your items into the already overstuffed loft, why not look at temporary storage and secure them in an indoor self-storage unit. MoreStore Self Storage is perfectly located for residents of Deeping, Bourne, Peterborough and Stamford to keep those things safe and secure.

Once you have decluttered your house, you can then begin to deep clean your house.


Make sure you have all the relevant tools for Spring Cleaning, below are a few items that you may find useful:

  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Soft cloth
  • Vacuum
  • Duster
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Bucket

Walls and ceilings

These area of the house can quickly become accumulated with grime and stains. To clean walls and ceilings, use an all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe marks down. The extension wand of a vacuum cleaner can make dusting high and low surfaces easier to do. You may want to add a bit of paint to areas where stains are harder to remove in order to freshen up the look of the room.


Shelves can quickly become cluttered with dust, therefore take everything off the shelf and brush down with a feather duster. If you have books on these, wipe the spines of the book with a clean, soft cloth.

Windows and blinds

Blinds are one of the more difficult items to clean in your house due to being made up of many smaller pieces that all attract dirt and dust. Whether your blinds are metal, wood, or plastic, you should dust them first by using a vacuum with a dust brush. If your blinds are in the kitchen, then this will certainly be greasier from all the cooking. Simply fill a small bowl with a one-part vinegar and one-part water then mix together, and then use a clean cloth and dip this in the bowl and clean the blind layer by layer.

If there are stains in your blind, then use a sponge in order to remove this.

For windows, spray a multi-purpose cleaner onto your frame, sill, and hardware, and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Carpets and rugs

If your carpets and rugs are heavy, then its best to call carpet professionals to ensure that they are properly cleaned and that the material won't wear out. For a cheaper alternative, you can rent a machine to use and do this yourself. However, if your carpets are only lightly soiled, then vacuuming and spot treating may be all that is required.


Your sofa is one of the most frequently used items in your household and just because you can't see any stains, this doesn't mean you shouldn't clean this. Our sofas can quickly become gathered with dust, so lift up the seats and give this a quick vacuum. Use a lint roller to remove any pet furs that are stuck to the sofa.

Refrigerator and freezer

To freshen up your refrigerator and freezer, empty the contents, store them in a cooler, turn off the fridge, and let the shelves and drawers come to room temperature before you wash them. Once they've warmed up, wipe with some baking soda and hot water. Rinse and dry before placing them back in the same place.

These basic tips will put you on the right track towards achieving a stress-free project and a fresh, clean home in time for spring. The key now is to maintain your space and try not to buy items unless it is really necessary.

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