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Packing the lounge

Packing up your house ready for a move can be one of the most stressful experiences you'll ever have. So MoreStore Self Storage have put together a comprehensive guide to each room in your house to take the guesswork out of packing. This week - the lounge.

The lounge is probably the most difficult room of all to pack, it will be full of large, difficult to move items as well as an abundance of smaller items such as CD's, DVD's and fragile items.

  • Lounges are often home to various shapes and sizes of house plants. Plants should be packed into large or tall boxes to ensure their foliage is protected.
  • To protect your suite, it is a good idea to purchase specific sofa and armchair bags to avoid anything coming into contact with the upholstery during the moving.
  • Other furniture can be wrapped with blankets or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches, dust and dirt whilst transporting. Handywrap/cling film can protect from small scratches but could snag so it's advisable to use something thicker and more cushioned.
  • If furniture can be dismantled then it should be to make it easier to move. All nuts, bolts and screws from furniture should be kept in a bag and secured to part of that dismantled piece of furniture. Anything with drawers should be secured with handwrap/cling film or taped closed to make transporting easier.
  • Lamp bases should be all packed together in boxes and stuffed with packing paper. Lampshades should be packed in a separate box with plenty of packing paper. We wouldn't recommend using newspaper as the ink could smudge onto the lamp shades.
  • All rugs should be vacuumed before being rolled up and secured with handwrap/cling film to ensure they stay rolled.
  • You should tape an X over large mirrors and paintings framed with glass and then cover them in bubble wrap. Purpose built picture boxes can be bought to pack large mirrors and paintings into. Smaller painting and mirrors should also be wrapped but can be packed into boxes. All boxes containing such items should clearly be labelled with "glass".
  • Televisions, stereos on similar appliances should all be boxed and padded well around all sides.
  • DVDs, CDs, games and record should be packed together in purpose made boxes. They should all be marked as fragile.
  • Ornaments and other small fragile items should be well protected with tissue paper and then packed into boxes separated by bubble wrap and lots of packing paper.

Please note that while we offer general packing advice on these pages, MoreStore is not liable for any loss or damage to goods stored and you should ensure you obtain your own contents insurance. Terms and conditions are available on request.

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