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Packing the kitchen

Packing is something that is often rushed and in doing so can lead to added stress at an already stressful time for you. So MoreStore Self Storage have put together a comprehensive guide to each room in your house to take the guesswork out of packing.

Considering your packing for each room and packing things right will help the move go smoothly and ensure things don't get lost and put into the wrong box. Here we will be looking at packing up your kitchen and hopefully our top tips will help take some of the stress out of it.

  • If you keep your knives in a knife-block, wraps them together whilst still in the block for safety and protection. If they're not in a block it is best to wrap the individually.
  • When packing pots and pans, make the most of the space in the pans with other kitchen items and then place the lid on inverted. This way you will be able to fit more in a box and stack your pans without needing to put paper between everything.
  • Wrap glasses individually using wrapping or tissue paper. With wine glasses or flutes you should wrap the stem until it is the same size as the bulb of the glass. Place them upright into a box and clearly label it as fragile.
  • Place plates vertically on their edge instead of flat and stacked up. Plates have better a weight baring strength this way and it will stop your crockery cracking.
  • Clean the oven thoroughly with a specialist cleaner. The grease on the exterior of the oven will catch dirt and leave spots on anything that it touches.
  • Dry out and defrost fridges and freezer and dispose of all perishables that aren't to be stored elsewhere.
  • Clean and dry washing machines/tumble dryers. Disconnect and drain the hoses and leave the door open for a few days. If required secure the drum using the manufacturer's instructions to make it easier to move.
  • For large appliances, remove any loose fitting or accessories and pack separately. Tape closed any doors or moving parts. If you have made sure the appliance is clean then you can pack some things inside. For example washing machine drums with towels or linens. Wrap the appliance with furniture blankets and tie it securely.
  • Any gas appliances must be disconnected and reconnected by a qualified plumber.
  • Put bottles of wines and spirits into wine boxes and never with other kitchen items. One broken bottle could ruin many kitchen items.
  • Pack small kitchen appliance in their original boxes, if this isn't available use a box padded with wrapping paper or tea towels. Wrap each appliance in bubble wrap and don't put too many appliances in each box.
  • Individually wrap dishes and store them flat as you would in you cupboards. Cups and dishes may be placed inside each other and wrapped in small bundles of 3 or 4. Put layers of wrapping paper between each dish.

Please note that while we offer general packing advice on these pages, MoreStore is not liable for any loss or damage to goods stored and you should ensure you obtain your own contents insurance. Terms and conditions are available on request.

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