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MoreStore elevates customer needs

After a suggestion from one of our customers, MoreStore have taken steps to improve access to the upper level of our storage facility. We have installed a brand new mezzanine floor lift so that your items can be easily transported between floors.

We discovered a note from one of our customers in our suggestion box saying that, although they very much liked our facility, they found it difficult to get large and heavy items up and down the stairs. The MoreStore team leapt into action and voila!

We now have a brand new lift which can carry up to 1000kg of goods at a time meaning fewer trips for you. It is also large enough to carry bulky furniture items like beds and sofas and features a handy gate so you can simply slide or roll your items on and off without the back-break. We also think it's looking pretty funky in bright MoreStore red!

Here at MoreStore, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we do our best to listen to what our customers want. So, if you have a suggestion as to how we could improve our facilities or our service, or if you're just interested in leasing a unit, then we want to hear from you.

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