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Into Self Storage with the old and in with the new

6th January 2012

To some the sight of a present is a gleeful reminder of the festive season but what they forget is that a present isn't just for Christmas.

We all love gifts over the Christmas period but what we don't consider at this point is the practicality of giving and receiving so many gifts. The reality is that a lot of these gifts are novelties and it won't be long until they stop being used and played with and these new possessions will be taking up further personal storage space which is of a premium in most British homes.

It's not to say that all gifts are novelties that we eventually won't have a use for, there has been a big boom in high tech gifts this year that will actually help you to clear some space in your home.

Two of the biggest selling Christmas gifts this year have been the tablet PC and also the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Demand for desktop PC's slumped throughout 2011 thanks to the rise of tablet PC's like the iPad and Android based devices. The decreased pc sales highlight a big shift in home computing trends where many homes are opting to use tablet PC's as replacements for desktops and laptops. However it won't be the end of desktops and they will always be used in companies and for business. Storage space is a limitation of the tablet but in the home the convenience and size of tablets will result in no longer needed a study or room for your desk and PC but instead you can browse, email and word process wherever you like.

As much as it's nice to be able to potentially save on space in the home, there is now a redundant work area with valuable goods that might contain personal files and photographs too important to be deleted or gotten rid of. You can remotely store your personal pc along with any other items that are too useful to be thrown away or too valuable to be given away in a self storage unit, safe in the knowledge that it will be dry, secure and ready to be collected should it ever be needed again.

The Amazon Kindle and tablet were the real runaway successes for top gifts this year with Amazon reporting to have sold over a million a week worldwide per week in the build-up to Christmas.

Similar to tablet PC's the Kindle is a space saving marvel and is set to change the way the world reads books, papers and magazines. However the big argument with reading fans is the Kindle can never replace the feel and satisfactions of having a book collection but the realists among them recognise how the Kindle can save so much space in the home by removing the need to display and store all your books. As Briton's it would be near impossible to simply dispose or give away our book collections and that's why an increasing number of people are taking up self storage rooms for the peace of mind that their collection of books are safe and still there should they be required.

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