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Home Improvements

January is always the perfect time to get organised - out with the old and in with the new!

Some homeowners express this through wanting to freshen and update the look of their homes. These improvements and organisation can range from a basic change to a full-scale renovation. But before you start anything major, it is always best to have a plan so that this runs as smoothly as possible. So here are some simple tips on how to get started and prepare yourself for your home renovation project.

Make a plan

The key to a smooth, successful home improvement is adequate preparation. Whether you are attempting a small repair or a large renovation, learning how to prepare for home improvement project is a matter of understanding the task, assembling your equipment and tools, and making sure your workspace is safe. Therefore, make a list and draw up a plan including all the details and consider key questions such as:

  • How long will the project take and whether the timescale is achievable?
  • Is there a budget in mind, what is the estimated cost?
  • Are there any specific materials or design that you want to implement?

Try to be as realistic as possible when writing down this plan. By having a plan to work from, this focuses your attention on the things that matter and will steer you in the right direction.

Assemble the tools and supplies needed for the project

Before beginning work, check that you have everything you will need. For jobs that you are planning to carry out yourself, assemble the tools and equipment needed for the job. For example, if you are planning to paint the walls, make sure you have a canvas drop cloths to protect furniture. It is ideal if you have a central location for all your tools, chargers, paint brushes etc. Having items scattered all over your house can make clean up harder as well as wasting time wandering around finding the items around the room. This is especially important for tasks that must be completed at a certain speed.

For areas where you'll want to hire out labour, make sure that this is from a reputable contractor and check their reference before you sign the contract to prevent any future problems.

Storage companies

Clean and arrange your workspace before beginning the work. If your home improvement includes any movement of furniture or possessions, then why not look into storage services and hire a self-storage room to keep your possessions safe until you're finished. So rather than having to manoeuvre around certain objects, you will have more space to improve your home especially when you already have an overstuffed loft or garage.

Be a smart packer

Renting a skip isn't cheap, so take advantage of every square inch of it by strategically placing the debris rather than just throwing this in. Long boards should always run the length of the container rather than sideways to save on space. Large hollow items such as sinks should be placed side up so that this doesn't create a void. Make use of the space you have by how you pack.

Although there are different ways in which you can prepare for your home improvement, these basic steps will put you on the right track towards achieving a stress-free project.

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