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Decluttering during lent

During lent, a number of us are still deciding what we should give up. 40 days is a good length of time to get something done or give something up. But why not declutter during lent? Our home is our personal space and there is nothing more unappealing than being surrounded by clutter. So here are some tips and ideas on how to organise and declutter.

Make a list! Before decluttering, it is worth making a list of what you have in each room and what you want to get rid of. By creating a list and noting this down, this will ensure that you actually stick to the plan and not hold on to these items for when the time comes. Sort your list with items that you no longer use, then work from there onwards. Below are some ideas of what items you can get rid of room by room.

Living room

  • Furniture: be practical with furniture and get rid of extra furniture that you don't use. This can free up some space and make your room look bigger.
  • Magazines and newspapers - this can quickly pile up; so only leave the ones you want to read. If you are keeping this for a specific article, then create a folder of useful articles - then get rid of the rest.
  • Your coffee table is the place where things can quickly get cluttered. So why not find a coffee table with built-in-storage- the extra drawers and hidden storage will contain lots of storage for your personal bits and pieces, additionally to making them less visible.
  • DVDs and CDs: If you find any that you no longer watch or use, then why not sell this online? Not only will this create a less cluttered feel, but this can also help you earn extra money.
  • Your paperwork - whether you work from home or not, there will always be a pile of paperwork to action. Go through and do as much of this as you can.


  • Get rid of any unused bath bottles or items which are out of date. Bottles of toiletries that are used up, or past their best can quickly take up space, so sort through them when you have a few minutes' spare during the day. Baskets and boxes work great on open shelves and tucked uniformly on ledges and in corners.
  • Look at flexible storage spaces in your bathroom. For example, try filling a narrow cabinet with all your toiletries and bathroom accessories to keep them hidden and make efficient use of your space.


  • Get rid of any visible clutter if you can- the tops of wardrobes are the biggest culprits for clutter, and can feel overwhelming looming over you when you are in bed. Sort through this and decide whether you want to keep any or give away.
  • Utilize unused space below, behind and beside the bed to keep the room tidy and organized.
  • Free up space by utilising a nightstand rather than a lamp, or mount a swing-arm wall lamp above the headboard.
  • Sort through your wardrobe- a lot of the time we have many items stored up in our wardrobe that we no longer use or wear. Anything that no longer fits just get rid of or give to charity.


Kitchen are always a magnet for clutter; appliances, food cans, cartons, boxes, utensils, tea towels and bags can quickly spread to fill every available nook and cranny.

  • Kitchen surfaces- only keep items that you need on your kitchen surfaces. Incorporating an appliance garage is a great way to keep your counter appliances out of sight while still being accessible. Blenders, toasters and coffee machines are kept in the same place but are hidden discretely behind a smart screen.
  • Organize small appliances by determining how often they're used. Items used once a month or less frequently should be kept on higher shelves or in the back of cabinets.
  • Clear your drawers- One of the biggest causes of clutter in our homes is our tendency to put too much stuff in too little of a space such as your kitchen drawer. Therefore, empty your drawer and sort through the items that you need. If you're struggling to decide which items to keep, remove completely any item you no longer use. And store items used less than 3 times/year elsewhere.

By decluttering during lent, this can make you feel a sense of accomplishment after this is over. To make decluttering easier, why not consider storage companies that offer temporary storage. This makes sorting out clutter much easier. After managing and sorting through your clutter, the key now is to maintain your space and living area. Make sure everything has a place, such as on a shelf etc. and try not to buy items unless it is really necessary.

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